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    An Announcement By The Staff

    This was a text agreed on by the staff.

    For what seems like years, we have hear a drumbeat of comments that BULLSHIDO is full of Posers. If you believed certain detractors, our board was only made up of pimple faced geeks who hide behind their computers and if pressed to fight, would run away let alone stand their ground and fight. Certain detractors created their own board because what they had to say was drowned out on BULLSHIDO. Apparantly they believed their words should hold more credence than any other poster.

    Reviewing the facts, these two most vocal critics, were also their own example of what they believed to be fighters. Those two were John F. Springer, and Rudy Abel, who claimed to be Kung Fu Masters. The hypocrisy these two embrace is amazing. Once they were confronted with action, they both failed. Osiris brought down John F. Springer with ease, to no one's surprise, John F. Springer verbally tapped out and asked to be let go. Rudy Abel, didn't last the first round with Anthony, and tapped out twice within 1:22 of the 1st round. These were their best representatives, who thought they knew more about fighting than anyone else on BULLSHIDO, and were a better judge of what works.

    Now we have Sharlinter aka PITA, aka PITD, aka Chris Atkinson, who is associated with John F. Springer, spewing her brand of vitriol towards BULLSHIDO, in yet another pathetic attempt to create E Drama between the two boards.

    News Flash:

    There is no longer any drama. The biggest complaint about BULLSHIDO and its STAFF dealt with BULLSHIDO not having capable fighters, and due to that, have no standing in documenting "What and what does not work".

    With the defeat of John F. Springer by Osiris, and Rudy Abel by Anthony, there is no longer any need to prove that Rudy Abel's No Bullshido website has no leg to stand on. They have been proven wrong, and their accusations are without any merit.

    Why are we still giving them any attention? Why are we still giving them a stage to act out their drama? Why do they even matter anymore?

    The answer is short, "They don't".

    I would ask all of you to join me in ignoring them as "Been there, done that". Giving them attention only makes them spew even more moronic things to get a rise from BULLSHIDO Members.

    In short, they aren't worth it. Move forward, they are holding onto the past, even when given a dose of reality, they want to keep the blinders. Let them. They'll die out on their own.

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    I'm all for this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sifu Rudy Abel
    "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".


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