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    ^ like the little balsl they put in shoes?

    i just do what juszczec does, and ive seen people carring febreeze in their bags..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabCrossHook
    On a separate note, has anyone tried those "inner glove" things? If so, do they go any way to wards preventing glove odor?

    If you're wondering what the **** I'm talking about just ask :D
    you're talking about the glove dogs that i talked about a few posts above yours, right?

    they seem to work ok, but i need to test them for longer before i will be sure.
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    I bought a glove/boot dryer from Dick's Sporting Goods for 30 bucks. As soon as I get back from the gym, I get my **** out of my bag, and in the washer if it's washable, hang it if it's not washable, and put my gloves on the dryer. The sooner your **** gets dry, the less likely it is that it will smell.

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