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You're obviously a douche, Mr. 'Internet Warrior' (WTF is that anyways?).

He's obviously a BB in multiple styles, but not BJJ, but so what? He created a site full of free vids with legit techniques, that, *surprise surprise*, actually work.

Oh, and could you please post the video of Submissions101 teaching an arm traingle from 'bottom mount'? WTF is a 'bottom mount' anyways?

How bout you post about things you actually know about (say, what site has the best free porn) instead of things you don't know about at all (submission grappling).

Internet warrior accurately reflected my style in every way when I joined this forum.

And, he removed the video from youtube after I commented on it twice. (Very hard for me to "prove" this, but why don't you ask him yourself?) Anyways I agree that "bottom mount" isn't the most common terminology for being mounted, but I'm far from the only person who uses it.