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Police Search For Masked Man Near Big Island School
Thu Sep 25, 9:12 AM ET KITV

Big Island police are looking for a masked man armed with a large knife who made his way onto campus at Laupahoehoe Elementary School.

A man matching the same description was spotted last week just outside the school.

Laupahoehoe Elementary School is north of Hilo. It has about 260 students in grades K-12.

Students and teachers Tuesday morning spotted a man wearing a white karate outfit, carrying what is described as a 12-inch hunting knife and wearing a mask like one seen in the movie "Scream."

Principal Jim Scanlon said quick action was taken.

"Police were here within five minutes of the first sighting. Subsequent to that, they brought out two of the vice helicopters to search for the individual," Scanlon said.

The masked man was last seen running into the lowland forest area by a group of banana trees. The area has a drainage ditch that leads to the highway.

Police were back on campus Wednesday as a precautionary measure. Tuesday's incident was actually the second within a week.

Last Thursday, shortly after school, three children reported seeing a man dressed the same way on a street next to the school. When they went to get help, the man ran into a nearby mango grove.

"Of course, holding a knife in your hand and being dressed that way is itself threatening, but no student was approached or no students were directly threatened by this individual. Although indirectly, all the students feel threatened by the presence of such an individual," Scanlon said.

Authorities believe the man entered the school grounds from the community pool area. A stairway near the pool leads right to the school.

Scanlon and Big Island police want parents to know they are determined to keep the children safe. If anyone has information that may help police, call the Hilo Police Department.