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    Fear No Man

    Apologies - I can only assume this has already been asked, but it doesn't come up on the search. Has anyone - who is willing to admit to the fact - responded to the advertisement by 'Lieutenant X'? and acquired some of his stuff? It appears in the google ads bar to this site with the tagline 'fear no man'. It's like a cross between a 1960's Batman comic ad, NLP and someone trying to get you to join a cult.

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    Welcome to the Bullshido Forums tapoften... Make sure you review your dojo and add it to your user control panel so you can get the icon in your user info bar in your posts.

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    Liutenant X is well known to this site. We bitch about him often.

    From memory one of the many threads featuring this.... indicidual.. did contain an account from someone who had ordered and tried his stuff and was rather scathing of it. I had a quick look but cant seem to find it anywhere

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    I'm honestly offended by his material. I mean, why single me out as the person you need to fear in a street fight? I might have had a slightly rough childhood and been charged with trying to kill a man before, but that's water under the bridge. I should sue him for his defamatory remarks, "You don't need to be a steroid induced cage fighter to win". Against me, you better be using something. I will school you in the stand-up otherwise.

    :phil2: <----- fears me greatly.


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