Hey guys, I was just wondering if there's any way one can verify someone's credentials as a judo yudansha online? I had a look on the Australian judo fed's website and the NSW judo fed's website and could find no such member list.


Now before I go onto the other stuff, on his webpage he claims "dan rank" in judo. He never specifies what dan exactly or from which federation. I find it extremely hard to believe to say the least. Is there some sort of online register to check?

The reason I ask this is because of a certain individual named Wayne Hanley. He operates a dojo in Campbeltown (western Sydney) and teaches 'kokoro ryu' - his own style. I haven't seen his jujutsu (although I have been told it is crappy at best) but his swordsmanship is amusing. (Ever seen James Williams from bugei.com performing tameshigiri? Doing two cuts on wara before it falls. Well Hanley does the same, except it looks like he's trying to swat flies away or something.) He claims to teach "bujutsu" but provides no evidence of any formal training in a Japanese koryu or for that matter even in something like kendo.

There was a very long thread on him at e-budo some time ago where his students and he himself turned up to defend him, but were unsuccessful due to the fact that Hanley could not verify his claims. It was even shown by a contributor late in the thread that he forged a nidan grading in jujutsu. Unfortunately this thread is now lost, and all that remains is some newer 2 page thread with nothing of note.
Looking at his bio page, he is a member of many organisations and such, but looking at his higher ranks held something is off. In an amazing coincidence, the 7th dan he holds is as a director of that particular association.

So if anyone wants to dig a little deeper, please feel free. If there is no way of verifying online Hanley's rank then I will start making calls to the various federations on Monday.