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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapper
    My latest purchase, and my first ever firearm!

    I've been shooting with Sam B. and his crew for a while now, and apparently I don't suck. So I decided to pick up a nice little carry piece. It's a little gun, but I feel that it packs sufficient punch to stop any potential zombie assault. I also have a weakness for wheelguns and guns that remind me of old cop shows. Ergo, I give you "lil' Scrappy."

    Caliber .357 Magnum, 2" barrel, 24 oz. I can wear this in the back of my waistband with a T-shirt and you won't even see a bulge. It weighs almost nothing.

    With .38 Special, I shot consistently shot 8-inch groups at 15 yards, the magnum loads are going to take some practice. It was all I could do to keep them on the paper at 15 yards.

    A retarded monkey could maintain, disassemble and clean this thing. 150 rounds through it and I am a very happy camper right now.

    Feel free to congratulate me!
    it's a five shot if i'm correct +p ammo is hard to shot out of thses little things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapper
    I hope +P is cheaper than .357 mag! That would be helpful!
    Here is a quick comparison for example: the cost of the .38 +P's I plan to use compared to .357mag 125gr. JHP's (actually, semi-jacketed), from the shop where I plan to get my stuff...

    Remington R38S12

    Remington R357M1

    In case you care, here are the prices for Golden Sabers in the same calibers...

    Remington GS38SB

    Remington GS357MA
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