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Teh El Macho, as an aside to the current direction of this thread, which is now how much of an asshat nobleidea really is, I actually do want to ask you a question about weight lifting. I want to start lifting more often and I'm mainly interested in building strength. However i play sports and i can't lose my flexibility. Is there anything you would recommend as in ways to train/lift and build strength while not losing too much flexibility. I mean we've all seen the guy at the gym who is absolutely huge but doesn't look like he could even scratch his own ass.
Hey dude, if you like you can start a thread in the PT forums. We don't really have a single thread (IIRC) dealing specifically with flexibility training. See my sig where I have some links to previous discussions on that topic. If that's not sufficient or if they don't quite answer your question, let's make a new thread where the hive mind can discuss about it in detail ;)

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