Hey there. I'm new to this forum and read somewhere that anyone is welcome to talk about any martial art that is less known to the general public. I searched for a topic in the subject and only found an old thread started by someone asking for details about it, so here goes.

Kombato was created in 1989 by Paulo Albuquerque. Paulo has trained in diverse martial arts trough the years, including Escrima in wich he is the highest ranked in Brazil. Much of the footwork, unarmed techniques and "philosophy" from Kombato came directly from Kali/Escrima.

Nowadays, Kombato has been adopted by armed forces, police, training of bodyguards of the most important tv network and as a self defense system for civilians.

The system was thought as a way for the average joe to able to get home safely. So, besides common striking techniques (that include dirty moves like kicks to the groin, chokes, bites and attacks to the throat) there is protection of third parties, defense against firearms and bladed weapons, sparring against multiple opponents and even plain behavior to be avoided in order not to attract unwanted attention.

One of the reasons to create an original system was the need for it to be oriented to the Brazilian reality, unlike Krav Maga for instance. For instance, since there are many BJJ fighters out there (no wonder) there is a little ground figting to be learned, not to submit someone, but to know how to get out of a hold if thrown to the ground.

Here are some youtube videos:




This one is a Kali video from their training of a police force that uses sticks and shield. Paulo also runs our Kali school so many crosstrain in both arts.

And a Kali civilizan training as well: