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    I disagree with the assesment that it isnt possible to bulk considerably in two months. Last season before the rugby season started I put on about 3 kgs of muscle in about 3 months. At that stage I was doing very little cardio, ate like a elite powerlifter, and lifted weights 4 times a week. In my case however I had the luxury of still having a month or two to get my conditioning up to were it needed to be and this doesnt seem to be the case in your situation.

    I wouldn't suggest cutting the martial arts out because as they say skills pay the bills but you have to examine the reason you want to drop it. If its because of burnout then a few months of change of pace and intensity can do a world of good but if otherwise I would recommend keeping the martial arts in there, even in a reduced role if necessary.

    I have never used much supplements besides the good ole protein shake but when trying to put on some muscle I normally take some colostrum. I would recommend it as it as helped myself.

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    Dude, 3kg (6+lbs) in 3 months is a reasonable gain, but that's hardly a considerable bulk up. truepwrz is about 150lbs (68kg) and wants to bulk up to 170lbs (77kg), in about 2 months. This is without taking into consideration that he's 17 (still growing up) and like 6ft tall (meaning he may have teh metabolism from hell.)

    This is not counting the possibility of gaining and losing like a yo-yo, which always happens. More importantly, he needs to think about not losing it when he puts the accelerator on his MA conditioning.

    From 150's to 170's, that's a considerable bulk up short term. That he can reach 170lbs, I have no doubt, but certainly not in two months. It's going to be a zig-zagging up-and-down line until he reachs his desired weight.

    That's why I prefer to tell him to think beyond 2 months (6-8 months to a year).
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