I have a project due that requires me to do an information interview for a specific career path. I have decided on two career paths. One being a full time martial arts instructor and possible school owner, the other being the data communications and networking field. I would like to do an informational interview for any individuals in these fields. Basically, all you have to do is answer some questions that I will post here. Not only will it help me in this class but give me some feedback as I would like to pursue teaching martial arts when I decide I don't want to work in the computer networking field anymore. If you don't want to post the information on the forum you can PM me the answers. Thank you for your time. Questions are as follows:




Career or occupation:

1) What skills, education, and training are needed for this position?

2) What are the special requirements of this job?

3) How did you acquire the skills and training needed for this position?

4) Are there other ways of obtaining the same skills and training? How?

5) Where do you have to go (geographic location) to get this experience? How much time would it take to complete these requirements? What are the approximate costs?

6) Describe a typical workday.

7) What aspects of this work appeal to you? Why?

8) What aspects of this work do not appeal to you? What can you do about it?

Hopefully, I can receive some honest responses to this. I thought about moving this to sociocide but it didn't seem to fit as it is martial arts related as well.