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    Did you skin your knuckle? sometimes a little rug burn like injury can happen there and hurt a surprising amount.

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    Nope not even a mark on my knuckles. Just an annoying internal thing. Doesn't feel like bone pain at all, it's weird and obnoxious.

    I'm out of commission for a few days anyway, I got rolled over onto my neck during BJJ yesterday and crushed. Went to the doctors today and he said the muscles in my neck pulled my neck bones straight as opposed to normal neck curvature. I had him do an xray of my hand and he saw nothing, just said it might be a nerve or possible tendinitis.

    Rough week apparently.

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    See a chiro if you can afford it or if your insurance covers it, and have him do an x-ray. After seeing the x-rays, he'll know if he can attempt an alignment or not. I used to be skeptical of chiros, but now I swear by the guy who's been working on my neck (I had a similar accident.)

    Also, get a massage therapist and have him work your neck, shoulder blades and traps (traps are the muscles that run between the sides of your neck and your shoulders). After a trauma, they can cramp up (as I painfully found out), creeping the cramp through your neck muscles and pulling it out of its natural curvature.

    If you can't get/afford a chiro, at least get the massage therapist asap. Good thing the doc didn't find anything serious in the x-rays. Good luck.
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