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    So yeah, I should probably say hi and stuff

    Hi :)

    I'll keep this brief.

    I'm from Perth in Western Australia. Started boxing training when I was 15, then after about a year my dad suggested giving Muay Thai a try, as one of his ex-workmates was running a successful club.

    Once I'd had a few weeks worth of MT training, I couldn't imagine going back to boxing exclusively - low kicks and knees had become my new best friends. The boxing had put me in good stead though, as I was coming from a much more solid base than most with my hands. At the time, Daniel Dawson was being trained by my trainer, so I got to train and spar with the then super middleweight MT world champion. We also had a couple of Australian champions and a South Pacific champion.

    I spent the next three-and-a-half years training fairly solidly in both boxing and MT, and got my "brown singlet" (yes it was part of a McDojo MT system, for financial reasons).

    In my first amatuer fight, I traded fairly evenly for two rounds, then early in the third round I slipped a punch and leaned in to deliver a left hook to the body, but my boxing instincts had put me right in the way of a rising roundhouse kick. BANG. Instep to temple. Fight over :(

    I came back a few months later, much better prepared. This time I got in close and worked the clinch for most of the first round, before landing a solid knee on the solar plexus in the last seconds of the round, which put him down but not out. About twenty seconds into the second round I managed to bully him into the ropes again and skipped back to put another knee on the same spot. This one put him down for the ten count, making my record 1-1.

    I then started training less frequently - I was studying, working and going out too much to keep up a serious level of fitness. Sparring mainly involved me gassing quick and getting pounded repeatedly by more disciplined guys. Eventually I stopped training MT all together, and I haven't kicked a Thai pad in over a year now :(

    I've almost finished my Uni degree now though, and my interest in martial arts and fighting is starting to raise its head again. So far that's mainly meant reading stuff like Bullshido on the net, and watching plenty of UFC and K1 matches. But pretty soon I think I'll have to go back, sweat my mild beer gut off, and throw some leather again.

    Hmm... that wasn't as brief as I thought it would be. I'll probly get a couple of tl;dr responses :P

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    So oversteer, you decided to go ahead and register huh? Cool. Don't forget to review your dojo.

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    Cool welcome, we've had a recent influx of people from Australia post. Why is that?

    How is the amateur scene down there?
    Any more plans to compete?
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    So where are you training now?
    I am from Perth also.


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