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If you jump as high as possible on each one of those you will gas the **** out of yourself pretty quick. Also, if you're doing the harder variation there is a pushup in there too. The guy in the challenge vid is doing it, but people seem to be glossing over it in their descriptions. While shooting your legs out into pushup position drop down to the bottom of the pushup and push yourself back up as you bring your feet back under you for the jump. I love these, and they are murder. I need to do more.... I can beat 33 in 2 minutes though....
Is that your way of saying you do them like a sissy girl? It's almost like saying you shouldn't so sprints as it will gas you quicker than a 5k.

Would you do a half assed squat or bench press? If not, why not put full commitment into a burpee?

Obviously it will be hard at first, but that's the point of pushing yourself in conditioning routines, is it not?