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    World Boxing Council strips Maskaev

    Move to name new champ irks Maskaev camp

    By LARRY McSHANE, Associated Press Writer Wed Sep 26, 4:55 PM ET

    NEW YORK - Oleg Maskaev's unlikely reign as heavyweight champion ended not with a knockout, but with a decision: a vote by the World Boxing Council's board of governors to name Samuel Peter as its interim titleholder.

    His manager thinks the WBC didn't give Maskaev a fair shot.

    Fred Kesch, who has worked with the former Russian Army lieutenant during the fighter's career revival over the last four years, denounced the WBC decision as "absurd," "reprehensible" and "disgraceful."

    "There's no rhyme or reason to it," Kesch said before the injured fighter paid a Wednesday visit to the doctor treating his bad back. "There's no logic, no intelligent path. This is like fiction and it's being rewritten with every stroke."

    Last week, Maskaev (34-5, 26 KOs) pulled out of his scheduled Oct. 6 Madison Square Garden fight against Peter. The champion, who captured the belt in 2006 with a knockout of Hasim Rahman, was idled by herniated discs.

    On Monday, the WBC board voted to name the Peter its interim champion with the intention of finding a replacement for Maskaev. An angry Kesch charged the decision was a slap at his fighter, along with a way to perhaps cut Maskaev's purse when he does get back in the ring.

    "I have nothing against Samuel Peter, but they don't even give Oleg a chance to recuperate," Kesch said. "Where does it say if Oleg is injured, it's automatic that the opponent becomes interim champ?

    "When Mike Tyson was injured, when Evander Holyfield was injured, who became interim champ then?"

    WBC President Jose Sulaiman said he understood Kesch's frustration, but insisted that his organization handled the case correctly.

    "He has the right to defend his fighter," Sulaiman said. "But the WBC has the right to do whatever is better for boxing. The case here is that Oleg, who is a very nice person, has not defended the title for 10 months. We want activity in the most important division of boxing."

    A Wednesday call to Peter's promoter, Dino Duva, who had pressed for his fighter to get an Oct. 6 title shot despite the Maskaev injury, was not returned.

    Maskaev captured the WBC belt with a surprising knockout of Rahman in August 2006, and defended his title four months later with a unanimous decision over Peter Okhello. He hasn't fought since.

    Nothing official was announced, although it appears Peter will face Jameel McCline in the interim title fight at the Garden. McCline, a 37-year-old American, is 28-7-3 with 23 KOs.

    Kesch said Maskaev needed about three months to work through his injury and face Peter (28-1, 22 KOs.) And he suggested the decision to name an interim champ was aimed at cutting into Maskaev's earnings in a fight against the winner of the bout.

    "The champ usually gets a 70-30 split," Kesch said. "Oleg was going to do this fight for 55-45. He was getting robbed of 15 percent already. Now that he's hurt, he's getting robbed even further. It's outrageous."

    Kesch felt Peter, if victorious, would insist on a bigger portion of the split. According to the WBC rules, Maskaev will receive a mandatory bout for the undisputed WBC title with the interim champion upon his return


    McCline steps in for Maskaev
    Boxer will fight interim heavyweight champ Peter

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Jameel McCline will replace Oleg Maskaev and fight WBC interim heavyweight champion Samuel Peter on Oct. 6.

    McCline was scheduled to meet Vitali Klitschko last Saturday in Munich, Germany, but Klitschko pulled out less than two weeks before the fight. McCline subsequently agreed to fight DaVarryl Williamson on Oct. 6.

    But when WBC champion Maskaev dropped out of the fight against Peter, who then was handed the interim title, McCline agreed to take on Peter at Madison Square Garden. Maskaev has a back injury.

    McCline is 38-7-3 with 23 knockouts. Peter, the first Nigerian boxer to fight for the title, is 28-1 with 22 KOs.

    "It's crazy, but that's why you've got to be ready for anything in boxing," McCline said. "I was in against Vitali, then Vitali was out. I was in against Williamson, and now I'm fighting for the world heavyweight championship against Samuel Peter."

    Williamson now will fight Australian heavyweight Kali Meehan.


    Ouch, first he gets stripped, then someone else is fighting for his belt.
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    Poor guy... He should probably retire anyway.

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    Maskaev didn't get stripped of the WBC title. They just awarded Samuel Peter the interim title. It's basically a glorified number one (and guaranteed) ranking. They are both co-holders of the title. Let me explain...

    If a champ of any sanctioning body can't defend his title for whatever reason (usually injury) then that organization (usually the WBC does this practice) will order a bout between the two highest ranked guys in their sanctioning body in that weight class. The winner will be either number one and mandatory contender, or interim champ on the spot. Sam Peter beat James Toney TWICE to get that number one ranking, because the WBC are cocksuckers like that. So, they set the Maskaev vs. Peter bout up, Maskaev got injured, and he is still not okay to fight this weekend, so they awarded Peter the interim title. he isn't the full champion (yet). So now Jameel McCline (who was supposed to fight Vital Klitschko in his return fight after not fighting for about three years, and Vitali pulled out of that fight because of injury) is stepping in to fight Peter this Saturday.

    If Maskaev isn't able to fight and defend his "regular" WBC heavyweight title in a timely fashion (I will say around March or April) against Peter, Peter will THEN be awarded the "full" WBC heavyweight title, and Maskaev will be officially stripped of the title. I know, very convoluted and confusing.

    The thing about the interim title idea is that, it is understandable because some fighters are notorious for getting injured while champ, or they will turn down fights left and right, and keep their titles for years while defending the belt maybe once or twice a year, and that fucks over a lot of guys. But it is more sanctioning body bullshit, and some guys got their titles stripped of them a little too premature (this may happen to Maskaev).

    What criteria is even more bullshit than interim title bulshit is the WBA's "super champion" bullshit. Because of that, did you know there are THREE WBA CHAMPIONS AT CRUISERWEIGHT??? That is true, three WBA champs at cruiserweight. They are Virgil Hill (the WBA "regular" champ), Jean Marc Mormeck (WBA "super champion", and in reality, the true WBA cruiserweight champ), and Firat Arslan (WBA interim champ). Man, these sanctioning bodies are RUINING boxing.


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