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    Hello from Finland!

    Hey guys! English isn't my mother tonque so I apologize for possible grammar mistakes. :D

    I've been reading this forum for 2 months now, but this is my first post.
    I'm just a 16-year-old boy from Finland, and I've been training martial arts now for just 3 months. My style is Bajiquan (www.baji.info) and I love it! I found baji and bullshido.net from a finnish martial art forum, www.potku.net/forum Before I chose baji I read about many martial arts on the internet and tried them out, so I do have some information about different martial arts.

    Anyway, I have one question to you guys. Why are so many of you against TMA? Don't you think that instead of arguing which martial art is the best (because every martial art works, it just depends on the rules used) we should try to understand different kinds of MA and maybe learn something new from them?

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    We knew you could do it! SJR posted, YAY! And if a bot is this rude, just imagine harsh this is gonna be. Hope you're wearing a thick gi.

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    As I understand it, one of our moderator's (Asia) has a background in Bajiquan.

    The reasons why Bullshido seems prejudiced against Traditional Martial Arts are manyfold. For me, my particular pain is martial with fake histories that pretend to be part of a tradition they aren't (Ninjutsu, most Korean martial arts). I find the fact that we even refer to these arts as "traditional" kind of upsetting.
    The other thing you'll see attacked is martial arts that lack "live" training (sparring, resistance training), or who do their live training poorly (such as many karate and TKD schools that only do "point sparring" with no strikes to the head or legs). I myself come from a background in a "traditional" martial art, Shotokan Karate (though, like most TMA's, Shotokan is less than a hundred years years old and has changed substantially since it's creation) that did hard contact sparring.
    It is not traditional martial arts we at Bullshido are opposed to, but rather to inauthenticity and poor training methods. We here, unlike most martial arts forms, do not believe that "all martial arts were created equal." Martial arts that emphasize elaborate movements, esoterica, and compliant training (such as Aikido) are less prized than martial arts which emphasize simple weapons and live training (such as boxing). Thus Bullshido's name and mission statement; to cut through the bullshit in martial arts.

    Can you tell us a bit about your Baji training? How long have you been training? Do you spar at your school? If not, do you spar with friends on your own? (I have some friends who train Baguazhang in this manner) Can you share with us your instructor's lineage?

    I'm afraid I don't speak Finnish,

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    Welcome to Bullshido. hopr you have sense of (sometimes sick) humor and thick skin.

    TheMightMcClaw summed up pretty good the consensus about your question.

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    BJJ might make you a better ground fighter, but Judo will make you a better dancer. Join us... or die

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    Welcome to Bullshido, before you accuse anyone of blind prejudice perhaps read some more (just a friendly hint). It's not the 'traditional' in TMA that people here rail about, it's 'unrealistic' and 'just plain fucking made up rubbish'.


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