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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadmeat
    In MMA and Submission wrestling, you're absolutely right Wolf. But you can't touch the face in judo competition, so no grinding the bridge of the nose to expose the throat, for example.

    + it's a belt requirement to be able to do turnovers anyway.

    No crossface?


    I could not live without the crossface in wrestling.

    Anywho, half nelsons with wrist control, power halfs, quarter nelsons and reverse half nelsons, bar arms, and bannana splits are good for starters.

    A slightly more complicated but just as good for starting to turn over your opponent is the three quarter nelson, but it's quite hard to explain over the internet.
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    By three quarter nelson you mean:

    That looks pretty good.

    On a side note, there's a Youtube video of guys doing freestyle wrestling that looks a hell of a lot like Judo. Lots of the techniques look very similar. There's even a no gi Uchi-mata in there. I guess there really is nothing new under the sun.

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    Go to the side, so you're somewhat perpendicular. Reaching underneath, grab his far side arm/sleeve, and far side pant leg. Now plant your head in the side of his ribs. Drive forward with your head, and pull his sleeve and pant leg. I've yet to have anyone stay flat when I do this.

    Another one is to just straddle him, and just yank him up. From here, you can get your hooks in and roll him over taking back. Or you could get your leg in for a backside triangle. Or while you yank him up, use his collar and sleeve, which will expose his arm for arm bar. Or expose the lapel for collar chokes.

    Another option is to let him keep the low turtle, pry an arm out and shoulder lock him. You can get a straight arm bar or Ude Garame with him facedown and flat if you can free that arm up. Is that legal in Olympic Judo? I think it's OK.

    Of course if this was SAMBO rules, I'd say to just leg lock the hell out of him. ;)

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    The easiest one:

    Stand astraddle him, one foot on either side of his waist (at the belt.) Reach down, using both hands, and grab the belt. Pick him up. As you pick him up, bring both your heels together so they meet underneath him, like a diamond. His abdomen should now be supported on your feet. Grab under his armpits and roll to one side. You now have his back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadmeat
    Lol. You sound familiar (Mighty Mcclaw). If you weren't in Michigan I'd swear I rolled with someone who sounds just like you last week.

    To the OP: Another good turnover is when you swing around until you are in a modified north-south position (as per usual but with your opponent face-down instead of face-up). Drive your right (for example) arm under their same side armpit (their left in this case) into an underhook.

    Pulling them towards you as you lift up their arm (and shoulder by proxy), bring yourself into a squatting position (virtually sitting on their head) and swing your opposite leg (your left leg in this case) over their body - making sure not to let go of the underhook).

    You can then drop your weight straight down, which makes you roll back, and apply a Sankaku-JIme (triangle choke) by tucking your foot into the crevice of the opposite knee or juji-gatame (armbar) by bringing your knees together and arching your hips, or even do a forward roll, also ending in an armbar that looks pretty cool.

    Obviously that's far more complicated, and therefore easier to screw up, but that kind of thing can work well if you drill it enough to be fluent, and the opponent doesn't really expect it. Stick with the first one for now though.

    Tabwyo - I agree with you completely. In Judo, what you can do it grab two handfulls of the back of their Gi collar - right behind the neck and give it a bit of a surreptitious grind. I perfer sparring and rolling in MMA rules, where you get a more accurate idea of what you can do. After all, turtling is a good way to get the crap beaten out of you in a serious fight.

    I also hate the mentality of "oh you can't do that, it's illegal", but when I envisage Judo as a martial sport, and MMA sparring as fight training, I can deal with the restrictive ruleset.
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