Just watched a new Wu Jing flick, which also stars Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee Chan, last night. I thought I'd just post a little blurb, because I know he's popular with a certain amount of posters here, while others could care less. The one problem is that I saw it sans sub titles, so I can't say much about the plot. Lot's of cool fights, but none of the MMA type stuff Donnie Yen is doing, it's more like the stuff in Jackie Chan's "Police Story" movies, without the running away stuff he does, thank god.


I have a feeling that it will be at Blockbuster with in 3 to 6 months- Wu is somewhat popular, and it's got Chan's son, so they can probably market it over here pretty easily. I wouldn't rush down to Chinatown, but if you can get a copy for less than $ 7.00, it might be worth it.