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    Shane Mosley Was on EPO in 2003?

    The other day in some thread or other, PRIDE doping allegations came up (they always do.) The discussion turned to why more combat athletes aren't blood doping and doing other pure endurance enhancers, which are very hard to detect and would seem to be more useful for the fight itself than traditional muscle-building steroid cycles or HGH.

    Well, lo and behold, this morning in the Chicago Tribune there was an AP piece on Sugar Shane Mosley's newly-discovered links to the BALCO lab (the same place Barry Bonds is alleged to have gotten steroids.) Although Mosley got "The Clear" and "The Cream" from Balco, he also apparently used a lot of EPO in the buildup to his Oscar De La Hoya fight in 2003.

    EPO, for those unfamiliar, is basically blood dope--it helps you create red blood cells so your blood carries a ton of oxygen and you don't gas the way another person might. The French have long been convinced that EPO is what made Lance Armstrong unbeatable.

    I don't think anybody here will be surprised at this, but it's confirmation of what we all figured had to be going on.

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    At some point we collectively are going to have to get our heads out of our asses about this.

    In the Olympics, Coffee and decongestants are banned as performance enhancing drugs.

    If the supplement that the athlete is taking is neither harmful to himself nor illegal, let them take it. For example, Creatine is legal to be found in an MMA athletes blood, but not in the Olympics.

    I can understand the Olympics working to maintain its myth of drug free and amateur (even though they are paid athletes and many have taken drugs). But why are we doing this to ourselves in the fight sports?
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    Don't forget Asthma. The US had a medal stripped for using her inhaler before a race.


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