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    ...in Vegas. Carried him off the stage by the throat.

    That true?

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    dude, you're confusing tiger schulman with the tiger from siegfried and roy...

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    heh heh heh

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    lol....you know, Tiger Schulmann DID attack some guy once. It was a former student who opened up schools behind his back and blah blah, you know the deal. Supposedly Schulmann was a bit nutso over it and went to the guys school and fukked him up. Had charges pressed against him but I think the suit was settled out of court. Money works wonders my friend.

    If you want to check out some free fight footage go to www.tsk.com

    Click on "Competition" and then "Team Tiger Schulmann" and you get a list of fast downloads of boxing to muay thai to MMA. Some pretty good fights too, definitely worth the download. Check it out if you get a chance.
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