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    Brantford Judo Club

    The Brantford Judo club is a great dojo that exist solely for the purpose of teaching Judo. It is a not for profit organisation that only charges enough to pay the rent.

    The building the club is situated in is not overly attractive, but don't let that scare you away. The quality of the education you recieve makes it all worth while.

    The head sensei of the club is Sensei Tom Thompson. He is a 4th degree black belt and has been teaching for over 20 years. He is also the Canadian National Visually Impared coach. And the only NCCP Level 4 Judo Coach in Ontario(soon to be level 5).

    He is assisted by Sensei Bill Morgan(2x paralympian and level 2 certified, 3rd degree black belt), Sensei Patricia VanderMeer(2003 Jr National Champion, Level 2 certified, 1st degree black belt) and Sensei Mike Robillard(level 1 certified, 1st degree black belt).

    The kids classes are for kids age 5 to 13(or so). The main emphisis is having fun, while being safe and learning judo. There is a major emphisis on teaching basic motor skills and judo skills in a interesting and fun way.

    The Senior Class (13/14+) is more serious the junior class. Emphisis is on conditioning, technical training, and randori( judo's sparing). The atmosphere of the class is very friendly and welcoming.

    The mat surface is high quality tatami with a sprung floor underneath. It is 112 meters squared. with no obstructions and a nice high ceiling.

    More information about the club can be obtained by contacting Sensei Tom Thompson at [email protected]
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