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    Quote Originally Posted by kwoww
    And since I really can't decide whether I want stand-up or ground more, I'm probably going to go with BJJ because there are more schools for it in the area, and they all have more than two classes per week.

    Thanks again.
    Keep in mind that BJJ classes are 1 hour each (unless you take gi and no-gi back to back and consider that a 2 hour class). Whereas in Judo, most classes are 2 hours long, minimum.

    Good luck and have fun!

    -- edit --

    Oh, dude, this sentence was craptacularly retarded. Sorry :tongue3:

    But honestly, I think I might rather learn BJJ anyway, because i hear the Judo ruleset is kind of restrictive (no leg locks, only 10 seconds on the ground, limited ne-waza training... it reminds me of point sparring which is one reason I'm getting sick of TKD).
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    Sensei Legros is an exceptional instructor. He normally has no less then Ten Students Nationally Rank at all weight categories every Year. His Starrett Judo Club has been a force for many years in New York. You will get some excellent instruction if you attend.

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    Good Luck

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    my instructor just emailed me asking who wanted to go to the starrett cup 2008

    if he's holding tournaments, he's probably pretty legit.

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