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Thread: Staph sucks

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    If your first thought when you see that DHS is a grappling forum is "Hmm, I grapple, therefore every single thread I make, on topic or not, should be posted here," then you should probably stop wearing your belt around your neck, because blood is clearly not getting to your brain in sufficient quantities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olorin
    Looks like a big zit. Thank god I have never had this
    Yeah, it blows to have it. I don't know if the symptoms I had for that **** are common or not, but ****, I took over 3 months for that thing to fully close, and for the first two months, I had this debility and lack of apetite that sucked ass. I don't know if that was because of the staph or because of antibiotics I took, I dunno. But it sucked ass. The earlier it can be intervene with antibiotics so that you avoid having it cut open, the better.

    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleskunk
    yea, Teh el macho's really scared the **** outa me...

    btw i live in sf too, where do you train at?
    I haven't trained since I got that **** on my leg (not only for staph, but for other reasons.) My school is in Hollywood, FL (used to be ATT Hollywood, now Marcelo Garcia South Florida -

    My suggestion to you is not to roll with anybody for the time being. You may still have the staph in your skin and you can pass it to your training partners. As soon as you can, take a shower and scrub the **** out of your skin with hibiclens (Chlorhexidine gluconate), which you can buy over the counter. Do that a couple of times. Wash your bedsheets and gym clothes with bleach if possible, too.
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