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    well i've been working on my positioning in mount, and i havent got caught with this escape since. now i just gotta work on not rushing the armbar...crapple away!

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    I practice this exact mount escape. For one, because I am very tall. Two, because I am extremely flexible. True, if the guy is postured forward then it is a tad more difficult. But if he's that far forward then I can lock up to his body to avoid strikes and or try to bump him off. I would not suggest this to anybody who isn't at least as flexible as I am. As this escape, if failed can put you in a world of hurt.

    Now speaking from the point of view of the guy in mount. In MMA you have to posture up to get power on your strikes. I understand that in BJJ it's considered bad form to go verticle but in MMA you need to go up to land anything more than short elbows and rabbit punches. Sitting up in mount make you vulnerable to this sweep. But chances are the guy is doing it out of desperation and neither has the flexibility nor power to pull it off. If I am in mount and the guy happens to get a leg over I lean forward, put my arm (which ever side his leg is on) over his leg, grab him behind the head a la neck cranck style and pull myself down with all my might. If I can happen to hook his other leg with one or both of my legs then I stand a really good chance of doing a lot of damage vs making really uncomfortable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UpaLumpa
    Ignoring the massive pressure that must put on your hip, that is a good way to get foot locked.
    Oh, the kick over escape movement can also be used to help you get out the back door. Actually knocking someone over with it to guard is usually attribute or crappling based.
    Yes, it is risky bcause of the footlock, but with reasonable flexibility the pressure is nothing. Aside from him being able to footlock you you also give yourself the ability to footlock him if you do it correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokujin
    I don't know...looks like a quick way to get armbared!
    If you can get an armbar when your opponents hands are low on your hips, you're a better man then I am. It's not like he was bench pressing the guy off him with his hands on his chest.

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