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    Eddie Bravo is a paranoid stoner quote this if you are down

    UG Link

    I know this is not a thread about Rickson or Hammil, but every American needs to see this documentary.

    Please do not send this over to the OG.

    Our country is slowly being taken away from us by international bankers thru the Bush dynasty.

    If you refuse to watch this and call me a paranoid stoner then you're playing right into their hands.

    It's just a little over an hour, don't keep your eyes closed, that's just what they need to pull this off.

    Please don't be a blind sheep and comment on how this is just another "conspiracy theory" if you haven't watched it, you're gonna look really stupid when it all finally goes down.

    Watch it first then call me a paranoid stoner, I dare you.

    Find out how the government and the international bankers are planning on implanting computer chips that will track you down anywhere you go. You will see actual news reports of this in the documentary.

    Find out how important blowing up the World Trade Center was for pushing this thru.

    Find out how the International Bankers of the world start wars, including WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and Iraq, all important steps in completing the New World Order.

    This is not a conspiracy theory, this is all real and it IS happening right now.

    Privacy and constitutional rights will be a thing of the past VERY soon.

    They are using religion, terrorism, and media manipulation to get everyone to volunteer to have these traking devices implanted inside all of our bodies.

    This is the scariest documentary I have ever seen.

    Wake up and watch the whole thing, you will trip serious balls...
    So the real question should be: is rubber guard the only way to to fight the New World Order?
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    Eddie Bravo really needs to stop hanging out with Joe Rogan...

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    He needs to stay away from the keyboard when he's stoned, period. Also, what the **** is this thing doing here. This is more appropriate for sociocide.
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    I figured because it was on the UG and it was Eddie Bravo writing something stupid, it fit in YMAS.

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    i've watched it completely sober and it makes sense

    no hes not a paranoid stoner, i know paranid stoners

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    EVERYONE NEEDS to watch that movie.

    Some of you don't know about the North American Union, or the new currency slated to come out in 2010, the Amero.

    Watch the movie.
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    "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".

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    Can't a secret organization keep anything secret nowdays?


    As an official representative of the NWO, the Illuminati, and the Freemassons, I hereby order Phrost to remove this posting from his site.

    Authorization code: KD8474JW - destruct - destruct - destruct

    Eddie Bravo is of no concern to anybody, by tomorrow morning he won't remember a thing and neither will anybody else here.

    Now please everybody, just look at me for a moment.


    <fade to black, cue MIB theme music>

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    that documentary ruined my day, I suggest watching it and drawing your own conclusions.
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    How 1996...

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