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    its a pretty good school compared to most, the instructors are certified and everyone is very friendly well most of the time, my instructor pushes his students far more than any instructor i have had before (ive been to a few tkd schools)

    for the adults it can get pretty intense, the sparring is definetly intense and for the advanced students its not just point sparring.

    ya they have kiddie classes and UK cardio karaty >.> i would not go

    the instruction is very good and so is the atmospere, however it can get pretty intense for the younger students, i knew many kids that parents took them out becuase they thought the instuctor was to harsh


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    These scores seem out of line with the scoring guidelines found here.

    Specifically, a score of 10 in Equipment implies the presence of a full ring or cage. Nothing on the website seems to indicate that these are present.

    A score of 10 in Striking instruction explicitly indicates "Pressure-tested, full range striking and proven success in limited restriction, top level competitions" as well as instruction by "A-level competitors". While the website does indicate that the school's competition team travels "both locally, out of state, and abroad" [sic] it does not indicate under what ruleset they compete. Typically, karate tournaments are NOT "limited restriction" and few, if any, would qualify as "top level competitions". Similarly, none of the instructiors featured at are recognizable as "A-level competitors", although the power to summon lighting could certainly be useful in a competitive venue...

    Without a successful full-contact competition record, a score above 5 is unwarranted under the scoring guidelines for Striking instruction.

    A score of 10 in Weapons instruction currently indicates "Regular (quarterly or less) skill testing via full contact, full range fighting, minimum safety equipment. (Pain, Blood, bone breaking and/or death)". This level of intesity with this frequency is exceptionally rare. The school website states that the weapons class "meets once a week and lasts 3 months long". A score of 10 is completely unwarranted here as well.

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    That is exactly what I meant sdave. You are dead on, as usual.


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