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    Confession of a Beat Down

    Well, I contact sparred for the first time in three years and the first time since my doc cleared me for head contact. This was pretty much a straigh boxing bout, which I hadn't done in about 15 years, since I got my first diagnonis of the subarachnoid cyst. Just before theat I had been cross training with the boxers that shared gym space with our TKD school and felt like I was getting the hang of the whole boxing thing when my doc said I needed to avoid getting hit in the head hard or I'd turn into a vegetable or die. So, I dropped the boxing thing, but continued with TKD at a non-competive level (i.e. medium contact sparring) while deluding myself that just because I once had a good stand up game that I still did because I still worked on my footwork sparring TKD and still worked the heavy bag on a regular basis.

    Boy was I wrong. Like I said, the other night, now that I got the OK from a neurosurgeon who specializes in this sort of thing, I did a little boxing with one of the guys from my gym. I was feeling a bit confident, despite his 6' to 5'8" height advantage, because, heck, I'd cross trained with boxers before, so even if I wasn't going to be throwing kicks ( I ended up throwing two anyways just out of reaction, but pulled them once I realized what I was doing). HA! He fucking beat me like a red headed step child. It wasn't too bad at first, but once he timed my jab it was all over - BOOM, evertime I'd move in to throw a jab he'd pretty much just hit me with his before I even got in range. Fuckin' humbing.

    However, it has motivated me to get back into doing a stand up class, now that I've been cleared for head contact, to work on the fundementals again, rather than trying to move straigth into MMA. Next week will mark my one year anniversary in GJJ, so now its time to go back and relearn what I thought I knew before.

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    Nice man, get back in there and get better. I know it's pretty demotivating at first when you get your clock cleaned after a break in training, but you'll pick it up quick.
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    It definitely is humbling getting whupped when you come in so confident.

    Good luck.


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