First night of training for the next fight.
Each exercise in the circuit and barbell complex is done for 30 second intervals. Each round is 3 minutes with 1 minute rest. The dumbbell for the snatches is 35lbs and the med ball is 12lbs. The barbell is 27lbs.

3 rnds Jump Rope
6 rnds Circuit 1
3 rnds Jump Rope
1 rnd Squat Thrusts/Overhead Med ball Throw
3 rnds Barbell Complex

Circuit 1 :
DB Snatch/Med Ball Twists/Squat Thrust/Med Ball Crunch/Shouldering the Bag/Bicycles

Barbell Complex :
Rows/Stiff Leg Deads/Military Press/Squat/good Mornings/Curls

So what y'all think? It kicked my ass tonight and I don't even think I got its full benefit, since Im not used to it yet. Im sure after I get into the groove I'll be getting a more intense workout, maybe one or two more sessions. I think its a good mix of conditioning. Ill be doing this about 2x per week, maybe 3 but only if I feel up to it cause Ill be weightlifting and doing skills training too, along with a day or two of weights.