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    Steven is very good at engaging the kids. Tests are given in japanese and english, up until 11 years old, then japanese only.

    Black belt takes several years to complete.

    Is good at giving comparative analysis of different styles, and the background behind why specific moves are what they are.

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    Thanks for the review! Have you examined the scoring guidelines found here?

    An 8 in Striking instruction indicates "Pressure-tested, full range striking and proven success in limited restriction, top level competitions".

    You indicated that the school does not have a full-contact fight team.

    Bearing in mind that local/regional competitions are not considered "top-level" and that most karate tournament rules (specifically kata and point-sparring) are not "limited restriction", does the school compete anywhere that would qualify? If not, a score no higher than 4 or 5 would be warranted in this category.

    Quote Originally Posted by jnp
    That is exactly what I meant sdave. You are dead on, as usual.

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    Geez, I had no idea someone actually placed the review here. Who was it?(how much do I owe them for the kind words?) ;o)))

    Anyway....we have not participated as a school in tournament, leaving tournament participation(TO or NOT TO) up to the individual or parent. We have a couple of students that do attend tourneys, and we will be going to a few in 2008 as a group.
    We DO, however, engage in kumite, regularly.
    The "Buffalo" boys(big strapping young guys and some hardened old guys) do get a bit beyond "light contact" most of the time, and some standup grappling and controlled takedowns and sweeps end up occurring(on umatted floor occasionally)

    We work through the city's Rec dept., do not have our own dojo facility. However, we do provide the lowest-cost in the county and see ourselves as a first portal for the student to come to. (I'm way past retirement date in this and still looking for my own replacement- any young BB's wanna live in the great NW?)


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