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    if its off topic you gotta make your own thread. Li Guy i did drop it but not before kind of bending backwards awkwardly, kinda put me off barbell c and j.

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    I guess that means you don't have the technique proper. You wold have be pulling the weight up and backwards a lot or you are trying to hoist the weight up the last few inches by arching your back?? Either way you should be dropping your body under the weight in a c&j, and it was tricky to time it and stuff for me.

    I think its just technique practice that would help, at a light weight. I found 135lbs to be a good weight to practice as it was easy but still had a heavy "feel". I find it is hard to practice oly technique on a very light weight.

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    Has someone experimented with one hand snatchs and clean/jerks (or at least the pull action) using resistance bands? I remember seeing an article a long time ago on the subject (it was more a geocities personal page than an actual article from a magazine.) I can't find it anymore.

    I've been experimenting with OH squats using resistance bands, which I find good and useful. But doing OH squats with them is one thing - doing explosive movements is quite another.

    I would assume it's a safer way to train technique while still making it a challenge. But without any form documentation or annectodal evidence, it's just an assumption from my part.
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