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    Some Magical Powers Boolsheet, or Qi=Cash

    One of the people with whom I take taiji is pretty into all the goofy stuff that comes along with it (he's also looking to cross train in Wing Chun!). Anyway, he sent me some nonsense about this so-called grandmaster (see http://www.qigongmaster.com) and the bullshit he'll be spreading this autumn. Here are some of the classes and seminars the "grandmaster" will be offering in his tour of New England, along with outrageous prices:

    Pyramid Meditation - $60
    This meditation is a mixture of Taoist Medical Qigong and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. It includes mantras and pyramid mudras. Five special visualizations will enable you to achieve good health and longevity. A great tool for remote healing and developing latent abilities.

    9:30am - 1:00pm - Three Dantian Qi Method - $60
    Absorb the energy of the sun, moon and stars into your three energy centers.

    2:00pm - 5:30pm - Energizing Qi Water - $60
    Take in universal energy by drinking water you've infused with universal energy.

    9:30am - 5:30pm - Qi Calligraphy - $120
    Create an artistic talisman with brush and ink - and Qi! Learn to build your Qi and open your channels. Then combine your own Qi with the energetic essence of esoteric Chinese characters, so that it emanates its energy out into your surroundings. This class consists of three main sections:

    1. A lecture where we learn about building our Qi, Calligraphy history, and the relationship between Qi and Calligraphy.
    2. Practice to build internal Qi necessary to bring the talismanic characters "alive".
    3. Practice using our Qi in combination with brush and ink to create the Chinese talismanic characters.

    One can also receive (oh boy!) private or semi-private bagua or taiji, though his website bio doesn't even claim any particular taiji experience. That's low praise, given that he does claim Lao Tzu and Zhang Sanfeng as ancestors. I may as well claim Aristotle as one...

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    9:30pm - 1:30am - Energizing Qi Beer - $12
    Take in universal energy by drinking beer you've infused with cold energy.
    Sorry, maybe that's just mine ;p


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