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    Quote Originally Posted by illegalusername
    Where DO you work btw?

    I am a Psychology Technician for the U.S. Department of Defense. I work primarily with new basic combat training soldiers who are mentally ill. These new soldiers are young, impulsive, aggressive, and very well conditioned. Many of the patients are actively suicidal and homicidal, and our interpersonal and de-escalation skills are the primary way of dealing with potentially dangerous situations. I get paid to get people to change the way they are thinking, this comes in handy during any situation that could become violent.

    I donít carry my sidearm at work because concealed weapons are prohibited on the military base. But when I am not at work than I am always armed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juszczec
    Some strange part of me enjoys talking someone down. Its kinda like outsmarting them.

    Most fun I ever had with it was when I was in college. It was in the mid 80's, just after the US sailed into the Persian Gulf.

    2 smirking drunks, let's call them Dumb and Dumber, approached me in the street and asked me "Hey, where are you from?"

    Now, you could tell these guys had maybe a double digit IQ when sober and added together. When drunk, their collective IQ was cut in half. So the look on their faces was a thing to behold, when I said in unaccented mid western English


    Dumb and Dumber were clearly taken aback. Then they rallied and asked

    "No. Where are your parents from?"

    I got another blank look when I replied


    But, Dumb and Dumber were persistent. They really wanted an Arab to kick the **** out of. So they tried again

    "So you ain't from the Middle East?"


    "And your parents aren't either?"


    "Oh. Well. Uhhhh. Sorry to bother you."

    It wasn't until they asked me if I was from the Middle East that I realized what they were looking for. I suppose if I had any common sense, I would have been scared shitless. But the two of them - drunk, stupid and completely caught off guard by my answers not being what they expected - were more comical than threatening.
    Good post. Thanks for sharing.

    Distraction is quite useful. A chappie spoke to me in the Pub (I was on the, er, Tonic Water) and opened by saying "So, you're one of these JJ types, are you? Well what would you do if you were threatened by someone?"

    Interlude: I am short, bald, speccy and no longer Young. Perfect target for the ne'erdowell.

    I told him that I would probably just try to distract the malcontent. He wanted to know how I would achieve this so, I said: "Where did you get those shoes?"

    He said: "What?"

    "There, you see that's Distraction"

    "What? [Pause] Oh, yeah, yeah, that's clever that!(Laughs)"

    BTW, I was part of JJ group on tour [and a very junior one] and he and others, non-MA, were invited by the group organiser to make up the numbers so there was no threat, just curiosity unlocked by a Light Ale.


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    I worked as the lone bouncer in a crowded bar (300+) for a couple of years. I'm not an exceptionally large guy (6' 225 lb at the time) so, I learned that a well timed smile is a multi-purpose and very useful tool. A pleasant smile while talking in a calm voice can bring down the most determined would-be brawlers. On one occasion a drunk that I had turned away from the door came back minutes later charging at me and hurling obscenities. Without adjusting my reclined stance I laughed at him (he did look awful silly) and it stopped him dead in his tracks. He left without another word and was not seen again for the rest of the night.

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    A lot of the instructors I know have done security and bouncing at a number of clubs and bars. In fact my current instructor is working a second job at a really rich club right now.
    The other weekend he had some guy who is a real estate bigshot in the city come in, and get into an argument with one of the other bouncers. He went over and said "get out of my club", guy said "this isn't your club you aren't the owner", he said "I'm in charge get out". When he said that the dude's bodyguard tried to grab my instructor, so he just wrenched his arm real quick, and they all left, shocked that their huge bodyguard was unable to do anthing. Later that night the owner of the club let them back in, and they all apologized to my instructor.

    I remember my first instructor talking about how occasionally people would get way out of control and he would have to choke them out. Afterwards he would take them out into the alley and wake them up, and tell them they couldn't come back into the bar that night. He said nobody was ever really angry after they woke up, and he was always polite. He even had some people apologize to him for bein such dicks.

    I think the way you talk to, and use body language towards a person, when you think they want to fight are the most important things. Otherwise no matter how well trained you are, it's easy to find yourself confused and overwhelmed.
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    Hehehe this reminds me of a story.

    It was the john fogerty Concert here in July. Some really big guy was trying to get up to the stage and he got REALLY pissed when I told him no. He started swearing and yelling and **** at me. The guy was 6'6 and maybe 260+, so I knew it was gonna be a war. I talked to him for like 10 minutes at stagefront when I decided to take it off the floor. I told him "Lets go talk in the hallway, I can't hear you."

    His reply was "**** you you can't hear me, we've been talking for 10 minutes!"
    To which I responded "what? Lets go in the hallway"

    So the dumbass follows me into the hallway where I call for assistance. At this point its me, my partner, and my boss watching while this guy yells at me. I was waiting for one more guy and then I was gonna drag him out. and it was gonna be fun, he was huge! The guy continued yelling at me for 10 minutes, the whole time im not even listening to a word he said. I just said enough to keep him yelling at me, but I never really said anything important. After a few minutes of this, two cops came around the corner. It was then I decide to tell him to leave, immediately. With the cops standing right there, he decided to leave without a fight. It was fucking hilarious. I actually thought to myself while he was yelling at me "I wonder how much longer I can keep him yelling at me? I wanna find out."

    We followed him outside, hoping he would try to come back in. He didnt :(

    Afterwards my boss said to me "I have to commend you for that, I don't think anyone else would have taken all that yelling so calmly."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMH

    I am a Psychology Technician for the U.S. Department of Defense.
    I would be too goddamn scared to hold your job. Even being a medic NCO in a peace-time army was stressful for me. (Nutjob conscripts, ahoy!)

    Quote Originally Posted by notafighter
    I'm not an exceptionally large guy (6' 225 lb at the time)
    You're a colossus compared to me. I'm 6ft and 142 pounds.
    And when i hit the town with buddies coming mostly from rural backgrounds (i.e built like brick shithouses), imagine who is the prime target there.:dead:

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    I've talked out of a few fights, can't remember anything specific except, "not sure this is what you really want...". I'm not the most hard-headed guy in the world, but generally I've gone from the pacifist extreme to the real firebrand and my stance now is that many people won't care what you say if they are looking for a fight, so you might as well just look hard before and after the fight.

    if I were to tally, I'd say I've avoided more fights by seeming excited about the prospect than by trying to diffuse it. People often take meekness for weakness, unfortunately, and try to capitalize on that(right or wrong).

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    I did shout down one guy who shoved me from behind on the stairs down to the subway. I guess I just sensed he was a weakling at heart who felt compelled to act out. He just made himself small and backed away.

    Other than that one time, I always make a point to never show any anger or swear at anyone. Basically, I consider that if I let anyone make me mad, then in a way they have won the confrontation. I get my jollies if the other guy gets upset and not me.

    Another thing is that I usually never *actually* apologise. I will have an apologetic tone, but never actually say "I'm sorry". I bumped into another guy's car a while back. He came running over and even though I never even apologised, I expressed concern for his car etc. etc. Within 15 seconds he was asking me how I like my car and whether I'd recommend buying one.

    That said, I really don't get into many confrontations at all.
    Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
    - Voltaire

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