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    I agrree.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaChinkOfSteel
    I dunno, man...I think there's this sort of "stigma" attached to communication that it's not "macho" or "manly" to talk things out...

    Honestly...if I were in your position, I'd just let him know...what's wrong with saying, "Hey dude, you're constantly kicking my sucks...what do you do differently than me?" or "Hey man,'re pissing a lot of people off by going 110% all the time...can you bring it down just a notch?"
    I agree. You will never truly know someone's intensions until you actually talk to them. I doubt many people go around in life shouting: "hooray, I'm an asshole," so I think it is only fair to let someone know that their behavior is unacceptable before taking more aggressive action. Failing that, the best thing I can think of is to bring in some backup.

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    Be the asshole. Problem solved.

    I've run into a few difficult types, but they mostly mellow out or leave pretty soon. I can't think of anyone who gives me a problem.
    Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
    - Voltaire

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    I remember in my old karate school, this total A-hole who was a blackbelt in TKD came in for a visit to check out the place. He pretended he was all professional when he did exercises, punched the bag pretending it was total cakewalk, looked like a nerd, made nerdy jokes (guy was 20 and made the stupidest nerdy jokes ever), while sparring..when the instructor was'nt looking he would hit me way harder, and to top it all off he never came back!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarbong
    This is probably "politically incorrect," but for guys here: have you ever sparred (muay thai or equiv) with a girl who made a point of going 5 times harder than you, always trying to nail you in the face in an almost malicious sort of way? You know, one of the girls who is serious about training (rolls, spars, fights etc.) but comes off like she has a chip on her shoulder during exercises? I don't understand this, and it's basically lose/lose for me, because if I go all out too, I look like the jerk and then some guy who is bigger than me will come beat the hell out of me in sparring, and say "Doesn't feel so good when someone bigger than you is beating you up now does it?"
    We had a situation like that last week. A lady who usually goes to day class came to the evening class just to spar. She breaks out her gear and nobody really wants to spar with her because it's a lose/lose. I agree to do it, but I am quite a bit bigger then her and it is decided one of the teenage boys should do it (why, I don't know other then they are closer in size).

    So this realtively mild kid goes out there. He doesn't like to spar, in fact I usually force him to do it....I can control not getting hit and hit him just enough....but he goes out there.

    And she just starts beating the piss out of this boy. He's trying to go back, but is a teenage boy who isn't sure he should be hitting a woman. We all start cheering for him to give him some confidence.

    Match is over and this woman starts breaking down crying and shaking screaming about "what did she do wrong?? why was everyone against her???"

    It was just a crazy scene and I felt bad for that poor kid.

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    props to dachinks

    1.) Hands Up
    2.) Give as good as you get
    3.) Breathe properly
    4.) Learn lessons from the hits you take
    5.) Get you partner to tell you mistakes you are making, write them down, and work on them.
    6.) Tell yourself that you are improving something 1% every round you spar.
    7.) Relax even when you are in trouble
    8.) Have fun...if you aren't having fun then something is wrong.

    excellent advice if ever i heard it. We had an arse hole and he had great kicks and a weird floopy punch that hit you didn't hurt it just was hell hard to block he talked som much sh*t about a 10thdegree in jujitsu locked him in a rear naked and he got out of it how he fought this guy and that guy it was getting so we'd have to bring a shovel in to clean the **** so we could train. Well we had a scrappy yellow belt roll with him 40 pounds lighter and 5 inches shorter than said jerk, well the jerk won the match [not by much] he was so embarassed we never saw him again every single one of us begged the teacher to let us roll with him we thought that yellow belt was so lucky we all wanted to greet him to a mat facial

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