There are a few decent training options in Gainesville, though nothing really world class.

-Global MMA Academy -
BJJ/Karate/Muay Thai - There was a Bullshido discussion some time back, but they have since added some instructors. Operates out of a strip mall a couple miles from UF.

-F2 Arena/Darkside -
MMA/BJJ/Strength training. Some cleanliness concerns. Operates out of an industrial garage in SW Gainesville near a lot of student apartments. 6AM "executive" BJJ class for busy schedules.

-Chikarakogeki -
Judo/Isshinryu Karate - Training 2x weekly in a city rec building. Low cost. Several UF students moved to this club when UF Judo folded. Judo classes are very alive and have a lot of contact/sparring/tournaments. Karate focuses on combatives and kata. All gi taining.

-Gainesville Dojo -
Boxing/Kickboxing/Goju Ryu Karate/BJJ/Kenpo The building and equipment are pretty beat but nobody complains about the quality of training. Owner claims 10th dan and the title "Hanshi", fwiw.

There are a few other TMA places. TKD, Karate, and a Blue belt limited "Gracie" academy, but all seem kind of Mcdojo-ish.