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    Forehead cuts/bruises

    Is it true that the forehead cuts, bleeds and bruises really easily? The reason I ask is that we use a few defensive structures in shootfighting that come from Rodney King's Crazy Monkey style where your hands/gloves are placed on your head and you move your hand back towards the back of your head as you absorb a punch aimed at your head. Anyway, the reason I ask is that sometimes I don't do it quite right and the heel of my palm hits my forehead as I take a punch. I get a slight jolt but nothing like really being hit properly. I end up with bruises, and they don't even hurt to rub on, it's just the discolouration, and, I assume, bleeding underneath. My Dad sees those, and of course, worries about brain damage. This seems unlikely to me, so, is it true that you can get forehead or facial bruising or bleeding with hardly any impact at all?

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    Technically brain cells die every time you shake your head.

    But yeah, more blood vessels in the head = easier bruising and bleeding.
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    Finally, a subject I actually know about... a very small cut on your forhead can result in a very large amount of bleeding. Pro wrestlers use this trick to make matches look more bloody. I've been cut on the forhead before, it makes a big mess, but is not a serious injury provided you stop the bleeding. As far as brain damij go i don theenk very much.


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