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    Southern Mantis Training Schools


    I am considering 2 different schools of southern mantis that seem to have 2 different approaches

    One is soft and internal


    No bare feet, slow concentrated kungs, no body striking for iron shirt etc

    The other is the opposite


    Paul Whitrod Instructor (Not Paul himself) body striking for iron shirt etc, fast kungs, bare feet and pad striking

    Both seem to claim the other is doing it wrong, but seem to have a shared lineage further back. The southernmantis guys claim to be able to train me in internal methods better and achieve iron body etc through exercises (instructor seems to have it anyway), Whitrod lineage seems to be more no pain no gain style with striking the main body conditioning and speed and power of hits mattering more than technique. Anyone got exposure to either or both schools and got an opinion ?


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    whitrod's is good to look into, I participated in a Chow Gar seminar w/ one of his instructors and I learned a lot from it. Jook Lum is good too, though I don't know much about the guys there. but all in all I say to try both, see what you like, don't get pulled into the politics. It all depends on the instructors when it all comes down to it.


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