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    I'm only familiar with the BJJ schools in the area, but from that perspective i'd recommend Arturo Ruff's (ruffhouse) or Megaton's gyms. Gustavo Dantas also has a good reputation and some tough guys. In tucson i'd recommend TBJJ, although I happen to train there, so I am of course a little biased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldust
    I’ve been living and training in Arizona since I moved here in 1996. The following is a pretty comprehensive list of grappling, mma, and a few boxing and kickboxing schools available in the Phoenix (and Tucson) area. I’m sure that I probably have missed a few but the way schools have been opening (and closing) around here it’s hard to keep track of them all.

    Be forewarned I would venture that a good 90% of the schools around are crap. Every guy with mats and some rental space (or garage) has some sort of “school” or “fight team” now. Every other Karate and TKD school around now claims to be offering “grappling” or “mma” classes too. There are a few places (that shall remain nameless, I don’t feel like receiving any hate mail right now) that look like a million bucks but you won’t learn **** training there. Many are relying on conning the ignorant, figuring that they can fool the uninformed into believing that if the place looks real nice (or if they give a good sales pitch) it must be good. There are some real shady operators out there trying to cash in on the current mma boom, although I imagine you could probably make that same claim about martial arts in general and not be too far off.

    Many/most will try to get you to sign a contract, some are pretty damn expensive too (anywhere from $90 to upwards of $180+ per month) in addition to sign up and association fees. Some may be worth the price others are definitely not worth even half of what they may be charging and others you couldn’t pay me to train at all.

    This should keep you busy for a while.

    Tucson schools
    Nice Links Goldust. Lone Wolf looks great except, it is in Missouri.

    Thanks good work.
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