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    In WT I was one told that the chun is like a series of rivers, and the instructor is a boatman that helps you across them. The instructor is suck always having to go back to the first river and start again helping new people, but a fighter may cross all the rivers and stay on the far bank. The fighter leaves all the beginner drills behind.

    The Dummy is meant for the fighter to maintain his angles and skills after he is done with his teacher. Its a maintance tool. He shouldn't go back and recross the first rivers again.

    If you want to have a human dummy (training partner) then you have to be the boatman yourself, and go back to doing single arm drills with no stepping and forms and all that beginner stuff, which can take you backwards. This can suck!! I know because I have built up a good group of training partners in the past and then had to move and start over.

    So the dummy can be a tool for a fighter to maintain his _ing __un technnical sets and skill levels while he hopefully is sparring and fighting with who ever it is he deals with. Maybe he has moved on to BJJ or Escrima, so the dummy gives him a solo tool to maintain the _ing __un movement patterns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kagan
    Anyone paying $400 - $1100+ for a conditioning/toughening tool is a fucking moron.

    If a CLF or __ng __un dummy were meant for this, then a sadistic friend holding a Louisville Slugger would serve the same purpose.

    A dummy is just that: A DUMMY! It's a stand-in for when you don't have a suitable partner up to a given task.

    And, a dummy is a rather poor stand-in at that. But, it has its purpose.

    Edit: BTW, you took the quote from the MartialArm website out of context. In context, the quote is clear as meaning that 'conditioning/toughening' is a subordinate purpose.
    I knew a Hung Gar guy that just used to whack his forearms against a telephone pole. He was also a first class high school wrestler, so, he could fight. I asked his Sifu's son, one of the Lozada brothers ( they were a big martial arts family in SF in the 60-80's) where I should learn kung fu, now that his dad's school closed. He was a cop in the city that got into trouble once in a while for roughing up drug dealers/criminals/gang members, etc. He said to go take Muay Thai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackrusher
    CDP's write up is exactly my experience of the jong in CLF. I've never used the chun one, can't speak about it...
    I guess I'm not the only crazy one.

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    I broke the arm off of one once. Other than that, I've never abused a wooden dummy, but I have abused several confused and mislead wing chunnys.:laughing1

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