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    Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo to return to the UFC????

    Alot of my friends have been hearing rumors about Pedr o Rizzo the ex Heavyweight Champion returning to the Octagon. With his last two wins being over great competitors, like his title defense in Art of War against Jeff Monson, where he KOed Monson in the final round, Rizzo might be looking at the UFC again. Does anyone else think this is going to happen or have proof of it?

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    That would be great. I was talking to a friend of mine about Pedro Rizzo and the "black hole" period of MMA. Guys who won titles after the UFC was taken off the air until it came back on are unknowns. He's a big fight fan, but he didn't know that:

    * Bas Rutten had been a UFC Champion.
    * Kevin Randleman had been a UFC Champion.
    * Pedro Rizzo was considered one of the top UFC fighters for a long time.

    There were other great moments in that time period. When Bill Wallace said that no striker could ever win the UFC, ("It's the floor, it's too soft to pivot on. No one can throw a decent punch or kick on that") until Maurice Smith and Pedro Rizzo beat the crap out of people. Then people went, "What's this 'Muay Thai' thing?"

    Etc. I was hoping Pedro would come back, but I have to see it to believe it.


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