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Thread: UFC 74

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    I saw the sobral fight, it was on for like the first day and zuffa got it or something.

    Dude, it was a horrible bloody mess. It was definetly from that.

    I think it was a bigger deal because of the blood least a little bit. Babalu just sat there beating the holy crap out of this guy from heath's guard, just punches to the face, blood just going everywhere, and he got the choke at the end...

    There was absolutely no reason at all to choke him out, by the rules obviously, but heath already looked like near death when he was in the choke in the first place, he had what looked like some pretty massive blood loss for an MMA fight, and the guy was just lieing on the floor. It's not like he choked out some struggling pissed off man, david heath was already done a while before the choke even happened in my book.

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    let this thread die...there is a sticky about this event that's been going for much longer...

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