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    Tae Yun Kim thread attracts all kinds

    As you may know, Kim is the self aggrandizing prophetic leader of Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy (currently on hiatus) and CEO of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions. If one is to find a word to describe their time there, it is usually something along the lines of “fantasy”. You are not in touch with reality, and participate in systematic disinformation, with the public, and internally. I equate this to Scientology’s denial of the “Xenu” story, where basically the truth is denied as the members may know how it badly reflects upon their beliefs.

    In other words most of your day to day life is based on interference run by you and other members. Sometimes this thread is mimicking the life we once led.

    With that introduction I provide a Tale of Interest.

    In July 2005 a member “FraudSleuth” joined Bullshido. They actively participated in the “Tae Yun Kim…” thread exclusively. They never out rightly questioned anything, but appeared to have some ulterior motives, to me anyhow.

    In April 2006, I actively engaged them via private message. I point blankly asked “Would I be correct in assuming you are a tae yun kim student? You appear to be one!”.

    FraudSleuth replied “No, just heard a lot about her and some horror stories from a co-worker. I Googled this website and threw in a few comments for fun.” The FraudSleuth character stopped posting after I had sent them this PM.

    Let us fast forward a little bit to some new characters. Let’s call them “Yeoman” and “NineTailFox” for giggles.

    Yeoman first stood up against the thread, regarding some of my claims as “paranoia”. Yeoman’s tone soon changed, and he claimed to be a “humble student” planning on eventually creating a thesis on cults. He requested that ex-members email him their stories in essay form to help with the facilitation of writing his thesis on the COL cult. Samuel Browning, immediately advised against e-mailing this person lengthy details of COL, in order to prevent other posters from implicating themselves, and exposing their somewhat anonymous identities.

    I had some private discussions with other forum members, and other Ex-Kim students to see if we could ascertain who this poster is. They seemed as I did, unsure if they were in fact legitimate. The poster, Yeoman, seemed to have become affable and was providing occasional sound advice to members on public and private channels. I personally provided no “essay”.

    Fast forward again now to May 2007. Poster NineTailFox posts several posts, in spam style recommending the best way to reach them is the same email that Yeoman had given out. Up to this point there was no indication that Yeoman/NineTailFox were related in any sense. This evidently set off the alarms with Bullshido’s poster software, they requested authentication that there was indeed two separate posters, however no evidence was provided, thus NineTailFox was banned. Yeoman regarded that it was his “partner” to me in private.

    In August 2007, an ex COL member’s full pre-COL and COL names were posted by Yeoman in response to a post I made in which I was trying to slyly identify an ex-member by using a pseudonym for them. I privately and publicly asked that this information not be posted. Yeoman subsequently posted all members who had changed their names (save 2) pre-COL and COL names, supposedly in response to being chastised by me. I responded that if this information was in fact given to him by an ex-member, it was given in privacy & confidence.

    It has since been deleted.
    On a side note, involving COL, and us exes it has become apparent that this is mostly an information game. We all like to boast what we know, what we were exposed to, and the fact that we were with Kim when something important happened. This outburst by Yeoman I think is somewhat telling to what his past may be.
    After reading this comprehensive list of names, I took it upon myself to do some digging. I found out some key things:
    • Yeoman uses a Verizon DSL connection whenever he e-mails us exes from the publicly posted e-mail address on Bullshido. I confirmed this using raw data from two user’s private e-mails to and from him. I had emails over a period of several months from him, which all had similar IP’s all coming from the same neighborhood DSL substation.
    • He is accessing the internet from no where other than Burlington, Vermont. This was verified using an IP trace route and following it all the way to his friendly neighborhood DSL substation in East Burlington.
    • Burlington is important because it is Kim's former stomping grounds, pre-1985.
    I am presenting the info here and making an assertion. I encourage you to make your own. I do not believe that he is a current insider, but I do believe that his involvement may be misrepresented. I think it is important for those of us involved to consider who we may be sharing our private information with.

    I yesterday learned that FraudSleuth has been banned as it is a duplicate account. It was confirmed to me that they were banned due to the fact that the account was used by Yeoman's computer. I reviewed FraudSleuth’s posts and they appear to be of similar writing style. It should be noted that Yeoman joined and began posting soon after FraudSleuth went on hiatus.

    Yeoman was contacted via email to comment on this. No comment was received.

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    Hi Clare, This is old. You surely know better than to ask for email contacts here. Whoever this Yeoman is or was is of little importance now. Want to continue the thread about Kim? Go for it.

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    Tae Yun Kim thread attracts all kinds

    Im only about a quarter in, but this is fantastic. Have you posted it at Rational Painting?


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