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    Sam B's, NO BS on P&S reply was excellent.

    Haven't been back cause I thought I was banned, but it was just that my PW was in UC, rather than LC. Blame the registration geek. :)

    For a non topic, topic, some of you seem to have a lot of interest in this topic.

    Perhaps you have to much time on your hands.

    If so, why not just walk around your home space and point at stuff, and say BANG, your bushido, or whaterver you say at times like that.

    As to you being morons or not, the + is on your being non morons, since this is a text site.

    And on the other hand, if the show fits, feel free to wear it. :)


    Lastly, I will go away for awhile or perhaps forever.

    But first: here is a note + video that many of you will know can not be true, or certainly not in the realm of possibility of being accomplished by a fat, very old man, who doesn't practice much. :) :)


    Shooting at aerials + rifle Quick Kill

    Might want to try shooting at pop cans with an airsoft pistol to improve your shooting skill.

    Here a link to a Utube video:

    Notice the stance, careful use of the sights, and trigger set/reset, and careful squeeze straight to the rear.....

    Just click on the triangle:

    If you turn up the volume, you can hear the 'cronnk' sound of the hits made as the gun is pointed and the trigger pulled. There are 7 out of 7 hits in the video. The distance was about 12 feet.

    Here's a pic of the gun used. Not pretty but gets the job done.

    And here's one of a recently acquired and modified rig.

    And here's a link to a short version of the US Army's training text on the fast unaimed method of RIFLE FIRE called Quick Kill (QK). It was taught BEFORE the soldier was introduced to using the RIFLE sights.

    Also, Thanks for your comments.
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    English is preferred here.

    CowboyCop, that's fascinating stuff. I've never seen a rifle shot like that. At that range, I wonder if seeing the sight from so high just offsets the usual sight line/bore line offset problem.

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    standup to ground
    Put in the minority of people who can't use a bow for **** but can use firearms pretty well.

    Can't remember if I had the tunnel vision effect, I remember my ears ringing though.

    To this day, i snap my fingers near my ears to make sure I'm not deaf, a nervous habit I've had going on 8 years now.

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