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    I've done 12 miles in 2 hours with a 45lb ruck, full gear (Kevlar and NBC mask), and an M-203.

    My fucking knees are shot now as a result of getting up to the point I could do that. It's seriously no joke to do it with over 70 lbs.

    A buddy of mine trained by loading up a set of encyclopedias in his ruck and going marching for 10 miles with an ammo can filled with rocks in each hand. He made it through to the Q course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuiltySpark
    Hey SF.
    There is psychological testing and minimum service requirements and phobia test. You're right there is more testing than just the 2 days, It's just the 2 day physical test was the meat and potatos about my post (obviously crossfit too) I didn't want to hijack my own **** :)

    If your interested I can PM you more details about our course that I gleamed from online.

    Off hand do you know the requirements for the US SF testing?
    It depends on the branch, but these are for USMC Force Recon:
    275 PFT enlisted, 285 officer (for refrence, this is a 300 PFT: 3 mile run (18:00min 100pts), 20 pullups (dead hang) 100pts, 80 situps/2min. 100pts.)

    Perform two obstacle courses in under 2:00 each time, swim 500 meters in full uniform in 17:00, and other water activities.

    10 mile ruck with 50lbs pack in under 2 hours.

    Level test, which is: Max Push ups 2min, Max Sit ups 2min,Max Pull ups 2min,Max Flutter Kicks 2min, Max 8 Count pushups in 2:00,Max scissors in 2:00

    Hump for 20 miles @ 4-5mph

    Ruck run 3-4 miles timed (with 50 lb)

    And that's just to get in. Once you're there, other unspeakable horrors await, like SERE.

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    Thanks Bigpopp. Not mentioned- Force Recon guys do Aikido ;)

    Anyhow crossfit sounds pretty bang on. I'm going to try it out for a year and see where I'm at.
    Thanks all for the input.
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    Special forces testing would be one of the best applications for the crossfit model. There have been arguements about its functionality in a martial arts context but I dont believe these issues apply.

    On a more serious note I have always wanted to do join the special forces. Looking at the tests you posted I am fairly confident I would be able to pass them. The mental aspect has also always appealed to me but unfortunately the compulsary service afterwards is what turns me off.

    Best of luck GuiltySpark!

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