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    It's been a while so I figured I'd bring this up for those who haven't read it.

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    Thanks a lot for the post. I've competed before as a kid in Judo. I then went on hiatus. Competed in HS wrestling, then graduated. I've started Judo back up (5 years after hs) again and next week is my first competition. I'll do my best to remember my mindset, but this post has given me a lot of ideas too. So, thanks!

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    Some things/observations I'll add from my very limited competition experience.

    Staying warm is key, usually in BJJ tournaments my training partner and I will do very light rolling before our division is called, just to get the blood flowing and keeping us warm.

    Unlike training, if you see something (an opening, whatever) go for it. Do not hesitate or think about it. You may not get another chance, and it can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

    During your match, do not rest. You can rest after. You'll regret resting if you narrowly lose a match.

    Edit: Because I didn't see this in here.

    Don't try anything for the first time in a competiton. EVER. Stick to what you train and you'll have a much better success rate. I've won matches because people who've obviously never trained a double leg takedown attempted one and ended up eating my 275 lbs sprawl.
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    I entered my first tournament a few weeks ago. Here's what I learned...

    * Some people may have to wait around for hours for your division... or, you walk in the front door to your division being called, and since your name starts with an A, you're not only first match of the day, but your opponent is already on the mat waiting for you.. and you're not even in your gi yet, let alone warmed up.

    * Drilling takedowns for almost half of every class leading up to the event is not particularly helpful when all of your opponents immediately pull guard.

    * Cutting weight for the first time ever, at your first tournament ever, is a fucking stupid idea.

    * You don't get points for reverse mounting somebody... even if you do it 3 times.

    * Bring somebody who's voice you know well to pick it out from the crowd.

    * Listening to their coach's advice can be helpful.

    * Know your limits. Gi, No Gi, then both absolute divisions after it may sound like fun, but unless you train like a maniac, you'll be out of gas by the end, especially if they're even remotely close together.

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