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    I mostly practice leg kicks and round kicks on the heavy bag because my shins need the conditioning. Just seems like the heavy bag is well suited to those in particular, but of course I work on combos of jabs, cross punches, elbows, hooks, and knees also. I don't usually work on uppercuts on the heavy bag though, because of its entirely vertical surface. I prefer to use the uppercut and hook box for that.
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    There is one that I like its a good workout for your shoulders and cardio wise. This is a pure hands workout you end up doing 8 total rounds that are each 2 mins long with a 15 sec. rest in between each round.
    Round 1- All jabs. Including double and triple jabs and low and high
    Round 2- Jab, cross combo
    Round 3- Jab, cross, left hook
    Round 4- Jab, cross, L Hook, R uppercut, Jab, cross

    After finishing those 4 rounds switch to south paw and repeat the again.

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    Great thing my muay thai coach makes us do; Machine Guns.

    Minute 1, Jab, Cross, right round kick, left round kick
    Minute 2, Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross, right round kick x2 (high/low), left round kick x2 (high/low)
    Minute 3, Jab, Cross, x3, right round kick x 3 (high/low) , left round kick x 3 (high/low)
    Minute 4, Jab, Cross x4, right round kick x4 (high/low), left round kick x4 (high/low)

    Alternate those kicks, high/low, then high/low/high, then h/l/h/l.

    Another punishing way is to do the minute one sequence, then randomly throw in 5 burpees.

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