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    Competitions in Vancouver area

    I'm looking to get started in MMA competitions. I've been training for a while but haven't had a chance to compete yet. Does anybody know about any low level pro or amateur events happening either where travel and accomodation is covered anywhere in north america, or in the Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Seattle area? I'm hoping for something later than the end of october as I get back training properly on the 22nd of september after a layoff on vacation in England. When I get back I'm going to be training at Zuma Martial arts with Adam Zugec in Victoria BC.

    Heres my background:

    5 years Judo (Tongan Judo club, Mill bay Judo)
    2 years MMA (Open Mat club)
    1.5 Years Catch wrestling (Open Mat Club)

    1-2 in Judo
    0-0 in MMA
    0-0 in Catch Wrestling

    As you can see my competition record is somewhat lacking, but thats exactly why I want to get out competing.

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    Adam should be able to tell you about the tournaments. ZUMA has a good showing at the local tournaments. The next one coming up that you'd be interested in is the Western Canadian Martial Arts Championship on October 20th. Apparently they're changing the times so that adult Pankration goes first. This'll fix the problem that some of the ZUMA guys had of having to head home before they can compete because of ferry times.


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