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    Wow, this is an old thread. And someone revived it from the dead. What an amazing coincidence, because I met Y.K. Kim way back in the early 90s. Might have been '93. He was a "motivational speaker" I heard at a less-than-mediocre TKD school that was using Kim's McDojo contract system that trapped students into paying huge sums up front or in monthly installments for 2-year stints they couldn't break without legal penalty.

    I was temporarily snookered into one of those contracts, but when I realized what a crap school it was I managed to put together enough ethical argument for the owner to let me out of the deal. Whew. Saved by the fact that at least he had a conscience.

    Back to Y.K. Kim. The guy running the school where I briefly trained, had brought him up to New England to give us and some of his croneys' students a "motivational speech." It was the biggest bag of horse **** I had ever had dumped before me. He treated the (mostly adult) students like we were a bunch of little kids, very condescending stuff, and phony at that. At one point, he told us all to jump up and down and scream "We LOVE you, YK KIM!!!" I jumped up and down, but screamed "You're an ASSHOLE!!!" which was drowned out by the other voices, but I think a few people heard it. ;)

    But I digress.

    YK Kim had just wiped out all his savings trying to make this movie:

    *you have to pay to see it, but I thought you would like seeing the promo trailer which is free.

    He was running a school in Orlando and had a lot of Korean TKD people getting onto his McDojo-concept bandwagon. I think he got a commission from each contract those independent schools sold to their students, and I think too that YK Kim was himself the collections agency that received the monthly payments (he in turn sent the individual school owners their cut from this).

    Can't blame a fellow for trying to make a living any way he can, as an immigrant who (at the time) didn't speak English fluently and had screwed the pooch by getting himself deep into hock making a ****-assed TKD "action" movie. He really did believe he was fashioning himself as a bona fide motivational speaker. However:

    1. He spoke little English then.
    2. He had no, none, nada, zippo training as any kind of counselor, therapist, advisor or anything other than some guy who'd done TKD since he was a little kid and thought that would give him great Miyagi-san wisdom to guide others.
    3. Was himself struggling to get by, had made poor financial-business judgements and decisions, and was a great example of someone to NOT listen to.
    4. Was making what living he could by skimming off almost unbreakable TKD school contracts that he served as the collecting agency for.
    5. Was a total hoser, IMO.

    Upon seeing this thread today, I went to Google to see if YK Kim still had any pages up. His website is gone. But he does have a page on Reddit where he sketchily and selectively answers questions from fans and critics (you can guess that he is evasive a lot with answering questions from the critics).

    Can't believe this guy is still around, but there ya go.
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