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    I hate it when people put undue "peruse" on me... He has excised reality and supplanted some ridiculous Sho Kosugi fiction in its place. The sad thing is people are willing to cut checks for it. What a paptastic cackbag.

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    That's the problem

    Well, therein lies the problem. He's living a dream, and having other people paid for it.

    As I have stated before, "How long will it go on, and when someone becomes hurt or perhaps killed because of him?"

    This nerd has already been caught in several lies, yet other people let him continue to let him teach. I am amazed at the fact that this guy re-invents himself about every 6 to 8 months, with a new persona and a new website to back up his "Bullshit".

    If I had a business, I would be doing some sort of background check on this guy. All of the "Red Flags" that this joker has in his background should draw some looks about who he says he is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chalkieusa
    "Mr. Scott, you were empty and now you are to full." Just then the light came on and I realized why I had failed five times in a row. He finished by asking if I had discovered the meaning of infinity, I told him "infinity is really just chaos, uncertainty and over thinking" This was tutelage in the way of Fudoshin which means having a calm spirit and an immovable mind. I was "trying to hard" to be promoted and this was Mr. Stanford's way of teaching me "Mushin" which means "No mind" a reaction from instinctive knowledge not repetition. A few weeks later I received my Blue belt 4th Kyu, and only 8 months later I received my Brown belt 2nd Kyu!
    Chaos was his sparring videos.

    Mushin was non-existent. Immovable mind is still here.

    19 years training - 21 years old. Stanford started them young.

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    Quote Originally Posted by It Is Fake
    Well at least Australia has the second coming of Coda. I'm glad the US isn't the only one with an idiot.
    Well unfortunately for us scybermonk is an American :cry:

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    Yep, you are right. Looking at the website it was confusing.
    Last edited by It is Fake; 8/15/2007 2:41pm at .

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    That was a whole lot of typing on his part to say nothing, really. I mean, who is buying this tea garden crap? Don't most students practice at home? Nobody is having tea with Hanshi and his spiritual nuggets on the bamboo mats in this country. It's back into the minivan and home!

    And what about the last line? The "giant has awoke" or whatever? Next he will be the Phoenix.

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    Does he still have people training under him?

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    That reminded me of when I had to climb that damn mountain over and over again. When I got to the top I thought I was done, but Master Pai Me simply threw my water buckets back down and told me "AGAIN!".

    He showed me true light and darkness, I lunged at him during sword sparring and the old man leaped up and actually STOOD ON MY SWORD BLADE!

    Later, while I was in the temple meditating he came to me.

    He said "Judomofo, close you eyes, why do you hear?"

    I said " I hear the river, and the wind, and the candles master"

    He said " He said do you hear your own heart beat?"

    "No Master" I replied.

    He said "Do you hear the grasshoppa that is at your feet?"

    I opened my eyes, and the blind son of a bitch was right. There was a Grasshoppa right there! I realized the enormous implications, and profound insight that he had.

    As food was scarce, the skill of hearing grasshoppers paid off tremendously. Though I do feel bad about using my master as a "Grasshopper Radar" afterwards...

    He then would not promote me to high master because he said I was "Too Good" so I faked sucking for a while, and then he bestowed upon me the honorary triple sash headband of death.

    Later I plucked out one of his blind eyes in a sparring match.

    And learned the true meaning of sight beyond sight, as I used it as an eyepiece of my sword of Thundara...

    Ahhh the good ol days. Back when I was a 13 year old grand master monk of bad assedry, I later of course attained master ranks in 23 other disciplines before the age of 25. From there I focused on putting it all together to form my own powerful art.

    Yup I have spend 44 years perfecting my technique. (Ignore the simple math that I am only 29).

    Man this Coda Scott is surely a master in the making!

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    Oh come on, nobody knows that Oklahoma is the #2 tea garden capital of the world?


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    He does fail to mention that his brown belt he got 6 months later was from a different instructor, who we discredited very early on in this investigation, and who he only sought out because he thought his first instructor wasn't promoting him fast enough.

    Let's also recall that he thought he could come back wearing the daddy pants at his old school with his new rank.

    This is one step away from livejournal poetry. Maybe he's gone emo.

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