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    I do hope the guy sues. I'm not normally the "sue-crazy" type, but Coda Scott had this one a-comin' for a long time now. I knew something like this would eventually happen.

    However... suing him and the Combatives Center will probably be like squeezing blood from a turnip. But... maybe the public humiliation that it will bring will turn out to be justice enough. Or at least will snap him out of his lifelong fantasy world he lives in.

    Quote Originally Posted by chalkieusa
    He has dropped his Facebook account, so I can only guess he's trying again to re-invent himself. Or maybe snag another promotion from God only knows where.
    Hmmm... maybe THAT'S where he'll snag his next promotion from: God! "In addition to my already existing rankings that I hold in many different styles, I've just been awarded a Sokeship in Christ Kwon Do from the Almighty Grandmaster of All Grandmasters... God in Heaven!"



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    Hey guys, what say we get Coda and Vambudo together and make mud?

    I know, I know, post whore!

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    I have been getting caught up on this thread, such fascinating reading, and something in the quoted website below sparked my memory. About 15 years ago I had read a book called Zen and the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams, and it had a story the author recounted from his past that was almost the exact same story told by Mr. Scott. Now maybe this is a common practice in some styles, if it is can anyone please tell me what styles do so, or maybe Mr. Scott's instructor had read the book. Who knows, maybe Mr. Scott had read the book.....

    [quote=chalkieusa]Well Ladies and Gents, came across this piece of work from, guess who? That's right, the ole "Master" himself, Coda G. Scott, outta of Stillwater, OK. Interesting bit of reading, if you like fiction! Lifted from his myspace blog.......

    Monday, March 26, 2007
    The meaing of Do, the Martial Arts as I see it
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    //Break// I said "Hanshi, why did I fail? I preformed my Kata and my Goshinjutsu with power, how is that I failed" he answered "Mr. Scott, how far is infinity?' I answered I do not know Hanshi" he replied with a twinkle in his eye "when you know the answer you will also know why you failed". So for 7 months I trained and preformed harder than ever before but still No Blue belt, I worked hard and saw others get promotions 4 times and I "failed" each time until one day, while I was in the tea garden practicing my Kata, Hanshi asked me to come and sit with him. I sat down and poured some tea for the both of us, after we drank and I calmed down from the workout, Hanshi said let me pour you some more, as he did he filled my cup to much, it ran over the top. He asked me about the significance of this act. I told him that it was significant of the question he asked any potential student when they applied to enter the dojo as a student. The question originally coined by Bruce Lee's philosophy teacher who said "the value of a tea cup is it emptiness". Hanshi asked that question to all his students then, and I ask it today to all the new students coming into my dojo. But this time he said "Mr. Scott, you were empty and now you are to full." //break//

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    Quote Originally Posted by fox
    Hello all. I have some very upsetting news. I know we all expected this to happen sooner or later.
    I always thought he would get someone hurt trying to do breaks. Do you know exactly what happened?

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