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    Quote Originally Posted by Satori
    Forget about buying a Home Study course.

    Just set up a tripod and tape your normal classes. Most instructors will be flattered by your level of commitment, and the only cost you endure is the video tape.

    Now you have a permanent, virtually free instructional video on a technique you've actually learned from a qualified instructor.

    Personally, I think the next "Big Thing" will follow the line of Mark Ripetoe.

    Basically, you make a video of yourself doing something, then post it on Youtube.

    You then send the link to a qualified instructor...who then watches it and offers advice/criticism.

    This could go on forever until you finally get it right.

    At first, this sounds lame...but if you combined it with a standard school environment, you could get great results since you'd be able to engage instructors that may surpass your "Physical" instructor.

    i.e. My instructor is phenomenal...but what if I could email BJ Penn a video of me struggling with a certain position. He could offer insight my instructor might never think of, and thereby help me AND my instructor improve.
    JJ Machado has an online course similar to that. You need to prove you're competent before getting promoted, so basically you'd have to train BJJ/sub. grappling elsewhere while taking the online course simultaneously anyways.

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    I really liked Machado's vid that a Bullshidoka sent me. But I only used it's basics for teaching some n00b ground warm ups, breakfalls, rolls and drills and such. It was very helpful also for picking out techniques for rolling/sub for the black belts, but in that it was used as a guide for people (who mostly, unlike me, were already good on the ground) who were actually training in class, on mats, with partners, not some teenager looking at a tv in his living room.

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